Female Karaoke DJ - (Brooklyn)

Posted on: 01/01/18


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm making changes. Building a small business and have been so scared to put myself out there; I've been hung up on perfection. 2018 will be different! Let's help each other by sharing the joy of karaoke. Contests, and/or game nights maybe great additions. Price is negotiable. I have on occasion only filled in as a guest KDJ, understandably not established enough to promise much by way of a following. By providing a service, that is understandably just getting off the ground, the days and times to try it out is totally up to you. I will share my personal info only with legitimate contacts to this ad. I do have some followers from my stand in karaoke gigs, and work in the indie film industry, so I would like to build my INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, & TWITTER accounts. This may generate business to restaurant and bar establishments as well! A win win for me and you. Host, and/or DJ your party, restaurant, or bar. Thousands of Karaoke songs, with the most recent and up to date. I have the equipment and ready for the New Year! Thank You for Your Consideration

Ad Number: 21222536