Learn how to increase your income - (New York)

Posted on: 01/05/18


We are a 100% Partner Driven System where we make money together every single day. We need you to be successful because the more money you make, the more money we make. So What Do We Do And How Do YOU Make Money Every day? The simplest answer is that you will send out emails every day, directly from this system to people who have requested more information on a product and every time someone clicks on a link in one of your emails, you get paid. Whether a sale is made or not, you still get paid for every click. Very easy and very simple and we give you EVERYTHING you need to make money every single day. First...there's absolutely NO list building here, at all...we do ALL of that for you and when it comes to building subscriber lists we are some of the best in the entire business. Every month we generate literally hundreds of thousands of subscribers to that go on our email lists. The problem is, we're a little too good and our list is actually TOO BIG and because it is so big, it literally takes up to 13 hours for us to send just 1 email to our entire list. SO, we were talking to our Email Company and they told us that trying to send 1 email to a very large list takes up a LOT of bandwidth, which slows down the sending process, which is why it takes 13 hours to send an email to our entire list.... BUT... if we break that BIG list into a lot of "smaller lists" then the entire list can be emailed in less than an hour, and can actually be mailed multiple times a day...and in this business, the more email you send, the more clicks you generate, the more money you make! Imagine you're at a Football stadium filled with 100,000 people, and there is only 1 door?....it would be a huge mess and it would take forever to get that many people through one door...right? Now imagine the same 100,000 people, but instead of just 1 door, you have 1,000 doors. You can imagine how much faster you could get all of the people through the doors now.... That's what the email companies do. They don't want one guy with a million people on his list trying to mail it all at once and that's who we are. Check out the screenshot below showing just one of our email sending accounts with over 1.5 MILLION Subscribers in it! http://gimsystemtraining.com/s/188524

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