Welcome all musicians - (New York)

Posted on: 12/04/17


ABOUT THE MUSIC INDIES LLC THE CHIEFS IN INDEPENDENT MUSIC SERVICES DEDICATED TO SERVICING THE NEEDS OF INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS FROM ALL GENRE OF MUSIC A POWERHOUSE ALL UNDER ONE ROOF We have a list of services we offer to all musicians. Also is a pricing guide so you can create a budget system. We at The Music Indies believe in artistry, therefore we offer packages with discounts, and tailor made individual setups for each artist based on experience, buzz, and amount of media you have obtained thusfar. We also have monthly packages available with big discounts for artist we consider to work with exclusively. There are two ways to work with The Indies As a 100% independent looking for services or As a Special promoted Music Indies artist OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE PRO MASTERING PUBLISHING PUBLISHING DEALS CD DUPLICATION TOUR & TOUR MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT ART, MEDIA & DESIGN PROMOTION MARKETING ADVERTISING ARTIST CONSULTATION always free

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