The Face In The Wall - One Of 2017's Most Eye-Opening Science Fiction Films Is Now Available On DVD - (New York)

Posted on: 12/11/17


Now available on DVD, Blu Ray, Rental & Digital Download, here comes The Face In The Wall, one of the years most intriguing, captivating and eye-opening science fiction films by independent movie studio 360 Sound and Vision. Calvin Jessup is a freelance camera man working on a low budget video production with director Bruce Leiderman and sound man Jimmy DiCarlo, but when he sees a mysterious face in a wall of an old film location that only him and a few of his friends can see, things start to get a little weird. Is it a ghost, a spirit or a lost soul, is there paranormal activity within their midst? Find out in The Face In The Wall. Shot in a lush cinematic HD format with innovative camera angles and spectacular visual effects created by NYC based special effects company The Face In The Wall, released July 22, 2017, is now available on DVD, Blu Ray, Rental & Digital Download & Streaming through various VOD partners such as Amazon Video on Demand, Netflix and others. To Order The Face In The Wall DVD Today Visit: Check out The Face In The Wall commercial below: The Face In The Wall is a Science Fiction, Thriller, Action, Adventure & Mystery Written & Directed By Dwayne S. Buckle Starring Frantz Lecoeur, Jonah Ehrenreich, Victoria Guthrie, Amiya Steed & Mark C. Fullhart. Length: 84 Minutes Stream, Rent or Download The Face In The Wall Now!

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