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Posted on: 12/16/17


Instaram - @Runway_Waiters #RunwayWaiters EVENT STAFFING | PROFESSIONAL, PUNCTUAL, IMPRESSIVE Runway Waiters workers are truly the gold standard in event staffing. Not only are our staff beautiful and poised, they are also experienced, polished professionals. Whatever your event requires, we have staff who can meet the challenge. Our roster includes veteran servers, experienced tray passers, professional bartenders and even trained mixologists. Book today and let us take care of the rest! CATERING STAFF Runway Waiters works alongside the most prestigious catering companies nationwide to complement the variety of delicacies offered at events. We have been working hand in hand with some of the top caterers across America for some of the most elite events! Not only are our staff top agency signed models, but they sure know how to think quickly on their feet when it comes to catering and events! Our model catering staff have an extensive background working events and we pride ourselves on how knowledgable and accommodating our staff are in assisting the catering team and clientele. Here at Runway Waiters, we stress the importance of taking initiative and having a great attitude, so when you book our staff for your catering services, you’ll experience the hospitality of a poised professional. We go above and beyond for our clients in order to make their job easier! We know that you already have enough on your plate, literally and figuratively, so allow us to be of service! We believe that beautiful food should be served by beautiful, friendly people to ensure that we leave a lasting mark on each and every guest. PROMOTIONAL MODELING AND BRAND AMBASSADORS Promotional modeling helps put your brand’s message to the forefront of your customers’ minds. Not just any pretty face will do; these promo models must have a certain stature and polish about them that commands attention. They must be sharp, refined, and able to work in any atmosphere and to transform into the specific type of event staff your occasion requires: Brand ambassadors Trade show models Product demonstrators Convention staff Booth personnel Promotional models Promo Girls When you need to make your presence known, hiring professional promotional modeling staff ensures you’ll be the talk of the town for days to come. As trade shows and conventions tend to bring out the competitiveness in companies, it’s important to stand out and Runway Waiters understands the importance of having a memorable public face. Placing promotional models on your show floor to provide product demonstrations and interact with customers can build buzz for your brand, new product or service. Attractive, engaging promotional modeling staff at the helm of your special event not only puts guests at ease, but helps them have more fun too. Let Runway Waiters provide you with promotional modeling! ATTRACTIVE, CAPABLE MEN AND WOMEN FOR YOUR PROMOTIONAL MODELING NEEDS The idea of a promotional model—an attractive, charismatic personality who is an expert at mingling—is a common sight at many events. But the models of Runway Waiters set themselves apart from the rest. Our promotional models have more than just looks at their disposal. Their high level of experience and training enables them to field the full responsibility of maintaining your business’s brand, image, and professional persona. With the right training our promotional models can become completely knowledgeable in your business and able to field virtually any question from inquiring customers. Whether it’s handing out information or providing a product demonstration, our staff can meet your every need. We outfit our promotional model staff with appropriate attire for your event. Whether your event necessitates tasteful cocktail attire or a buttoned-up outfit that evokes a high level of decorum, we can accommodate any apparel requirements. Custom uniforms may also be created at your request. We understand that achieving the right look is critical to making a lasting impression. RUNWAY WAITERS IS A FULL-SERVICE EVENT PLANNING AGENCY In addition to promotional modeling, our staff can fulfill many other event planning functions. From the planning phase to the production phase, even to serving drinks—Runway Waiters is your nationwide full-service event production agency. With staffing capabilities in several major metropolitan areas and beyond, we want to bring our professional, highly specialized promotional modeling to help you get your brand out there. Few marketing efforts have the kind of lasting effects that a promotional model can make on buying consumers. To make a truly unforgettable impression on your guests, contact Runway Waiters and we’ll send you the industry’s finest. EVENT PRODUCTION Runway Waiters will dazzle your guests with full-service event production and planning. From intimate, small settings to very large events, Runway Waiters can create a grand production suited especially to your business. We strive to make your brand stick in the minds of consumers, and we accomplish this with professionalism, elegance, and grace. Call us today to learn more about our event planning and event production packages. HIGH END EVENT PRODUCTION ON A NATIONAL LEVEL Runway Waiters holds a unique advantage over other event production companies. We are a national, full-service event planning agency with decades of experience in producing a wide variety of events, from large-scale fashion shows to private parties. We execute each phase of your event with pinpoint precision and efficiency. From setting up and managing special equipment to coordinating spectacular audio and visual cues on the dot, we’ll make sure your event goes exactly as planned, and then some. Other event production companies can offer you similar services, however, Runway Waiters provides beautiful, skilled runway and fashion models to staff your high end event. Drawing on our exclusive relationship with top modeling agencies, our staff boasts diverse talents ranging from mixology to promotional modeling, all to help your event succeed beyond the normal expectations. Your staff plays a large part in making your business truly extraordinary, as they act as the face of your business during the event. We have the charisma and chemistry to not only ensure your event runs smoothly but will make it a time to remember, all while keeping you on point and on schedule. Book your event with us, and we’ll help you put on a show they’ll talk about for years to come. LET US HOST AN EVENT THAT IS BEYOND PERFECTION As a full-service event production company, we offer you an exceptional experience when you work with us. We are prepared to promote your business in exacting detail according to your marketing strategy, and will do so with poise and an attractive staff. However, our event production services also enable us to envision a display that is perfectly suited to your business’s overall goals. Whether that’s promoting a new product launch or hosting a private party with entertainment, DJ, and light show, Runway Waiters has all-inclusive services to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Every requirement will be followed through and executed with the utmost proficiency. Call us today and experience the Runway Waiters difference! STUNNING BARTENDERS FOR A MEMORABLE EVENT BARTENDERS FOR HIRE Whether it’s for a high-end product launch or a flirty bachelorette party, our model bartenders set the perfect mood for any event. We have both male and female bartenders for hire, all trained in the art of pouring beer and wine, and mixing the perfect cocktail. Our party staff arrives prepared for anything, with a fully-stocked bar kit and a wealth of experience. When you need a bartender for hire, and a hot bartender at that, Runway Waiters has you covered. THE BEST PARTIES BEGIN WITH FUN LIBATIONS Our clients know that the best parties begin with cool cocktails served by gorgeous bartenders. Nothing says “party” like a well-planned beverage menu and well stocked cocktail bar. We’ll bring the beverages, brews, drafts, drinks and of course the best bartenders to make your event the event of the century. MORE THAN JUST PRETTY FACES Our bartender for hire staff is first and foremost a team of professional, punctual perfectionists that take their job as skilled mixologists seriously. You’ll be assured to know that our bartenders are not only good looking but good at what they do and fully versed in all the etiquette required for a proper bartender for hire. We have great attitudes – fun, friendly and will keep your guests happy within proper boundaries. We keep a neat and clean bar – nobody likes to see a messy bar! We Anticipate – we scope the crowd and anticipate most popular beverages for your given guests We are Professional – we are skilled and practiced in the art of service and mixology We make a mean cocktail – we are up to date on all the currently popular and classic cocktails DISCRETION, ACUMEN, PROFESSIONALISM The beautiful, hot bartenders of Runway Waiters have worked for companies like Ferrari and Louis Vuitton, and private clients such as P. Diddy and Justin Beiber. That being said, we are professional and not the type of team who stumbles in a star studded situation. No need to worry – we won’t request selfies with your guests! Need NDAs? No problem! Need a “no-cell-phone” policy? We comply! We bring you a team of sophisticated, tasteful and yes, good-looking bartenders for hire. BARTENDERS AND MORE Runway Waiters is more than a company of bartenders for hire. We are also a full-scale event planning and party production company. Yes, we have a roster of beautiful, hot bartenders, but we also have a team of well-connected, expert party planners. Need a promotional model for your next event? We have this too! Whatever your event needs, we have the skill, know how, connections, and hot bartenders to make your event one-of-a-kind. Book one of our talented, Hot bartenders for hire today! TRADESHOW & CONVENTION MODELS Runway Waiters is a full service, national event staffing agency that offers staff-for-hire services for Tradeshows. Our Trade show Models are not only actual models, they are punctual, polite professional booth personnel and will add appeal to your exhibit at trade shows, conventions or any other type of marketing or promotional event. Plus, we can provide trade show models across the US. WHY HIRE A MODEL? A company can sometimes find that hiring a trade show model may serve to drive awareness or demand for their product, service, brand or concept. Trade show models bring a direct and personal interaction to your potential customer base that can take a marketing initiative to the next level. Our trade show models make your product, brand or service more appealing with their engaging presence and poised professionalism – they can personify your product or brand’s image. Plus, they can provide detailed information to bloggers, journalists and consumers at trade show and convention events, as we can train them to answer questions on your products, services or brand. Some responsibilities many of our trade show models have had to carry out include: Increasing product awareness through their attire –outfits, t-shirts or other brand/product representative item Providing product information – engaging the audience and answering questions Handing out items such as a samples, a small gift, or brochures Walking the floor and directing the audience to the booth Product demonstrations SEARCH OUR ROSTER OF MODELS Do you have a specific look or gender in mind for your event? You can search our model database to find the right trade show model for your booth, hospitality suite or product kiosk. We will make sure that our trade show models make your show both impressive and productive. They will be at your service to greet your audience, distribute marketing materials, collect leads, serve as food or beverage wait staff, or to pull in potential clients for a one-on-one product demonstration. They will be at the ready for your event. EXTRA HANDS ON DECK THAT ARE EASY ON THE EYES Let our trade show models raise the bar at your next trade show, hospitality suite, or other event. We can help you distinguish your product and brand through visual and congenial appeal. Runway Waiters is at your service to ensure maximum trade show success as our event models are skilled at drawing attendees into your booth, engaging them in conversation, and at stimulating interest in the product, service, or brand. We can be an extra set of hands / personnel that you may need for your next show. STREET TEAM Need assistance with your promotional campaign? Our Runway Street Team of Brand Ambassadors bring the marketing straight to your audience and event! Promotional work is becoming more and more of a hands-on industry with crowd engagements and interaction, and here at RWW, we have the perfect group of lively individuals to bring your marketing to life! Our top agency signed models know exactly how to bring awareness to your product with their personable attitudes and dynamic energy! Street teams are all the buzz as they integrate face-to face engagement directly with your consumers, and who better to market your product than a stunning model! RWW has created countless memorable marketing collaborations with top brands nationwide and it is a proven fact that face-to-face marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a loyal audience! Allow our Street Team to reinforce how incredible your product truly is, as we take your campaign directly to your audience for a truly unforgettable experience! We provide Event Staff, Model Wait Staff and Catering Staff, Hot Bartenders, Experiential Marketing Staff, Promotional Models, Brand Ambassadors, Street Team, Ambiance Models & Trade Show Models in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Aspen, Park City, Vegas, Denver, Boston, Atlanta and other cities.

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