Star F Singer Sks Multi-Inst-DJ-Prgmr 4 Rock Techno Pro Project - (Brooklyn)

Posted on: 11/05/17


STAR F SINGER SKS MULTI-INSTR-DJ PROGRAMMER FOR TECHNOROCKDANCE PRO PROJECT?????? Hey there- My name is Brielle and I'm an accomplished, charismatic and super talented singer-songwriter who wants to be the next Big Thing! Don't we all, right? But with the right partner I believe we can create an super-danceable, exciting, uplifting and club filling sound and crash the airwaves! An important part of the story will be the fact that I'm a pretty transgender woman. In today's world being TG is usually a big hardship but I believe that when we deliver the music it will be a major entertainment business asset. We'll have a ready-made fanbase in the LGBTQ community and the many folks who believe in being free and believing in yourself. I have the voice, the sexy/fun/inspiring lyrics and the vision. This project needs the talents of a multi-instrumental computer whiz who can develop the songs, the beats and the overall sound with me. With the songs in hand we can take them to clubs as a duo, get radio airplay and recruit great players to do them live. Are you the Big Talent that wants to join me in this dream? And make it come true? Here are some influences and sonic/vibe starting points: Madonna- Ray Of Light, Skin Blondie- Dreaming, Rapture Fatboy Slim- Praise You Chemical Brothers- Escape Velocity, Setting Sun, Block Rocking Beats Seal- Crazy The Cult- Sanctuary I wrote and produced an award winning hard rock album- as a guy before my MTF transition- entitled Supernova Soul. It was mixed by Steve Thopson, who won Grammys with Guns n Roses, David Bowie and others. I mastered it myself in conjunction with an engineer friend. You can hear it here to see the quality of work I do. Everything you hear was written by me: If you are intrigued message me and we'll see if our musical chemistry has potential. I very much look forward to joining forces with you for spreading positive energy, writing great music and big success!

Ad Number: 21090729