ATM LOCATOR/$500-$1K per location - (New York)

Posted on: 12/07/17


$500-$1000 Each time You Place A new ATM (Telemarketers Dream Offering Free Service And U Get Paid !) ---------------------->> WE ONLY PLACE BRAND NEW 2017 HIGH END ATMS WITH 24-7 CASH SUPPORT FOR THE VENUE. IF YOU ARE AWARE OF A LOCATION WITH AN OLD ATM OR A LOCATION THAT THE OWNER WANTS AN UPGRADE WITH OUR HIGH END ATM WITH VIP SERVICE. NO PROBLEM CALL US WE WILL COME AND PLACE OUR ATM. THIS IS HOW YOU WILL GET MANY LOCATIONS TO CHANGE AND COME ON BOARD WITH US. THE REASON IS MOST PLACES HAVE AN ATM BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF THESE LOCATIONS HAVE OLD ATMS WITH PROBLEMS AND BAD SERVICE. ------------------->VISIT WWW.FREEATMNYC.COM -------------------->$500-$1000 PER LOCATION You Can Do this By Phone From Your Home! You Can Do this by going door to door! Make sure U visit Web Site First Before Calling. You begin by finding any location that may be READY for NEW ATM service! You are PAID by COMPANY CHECK or PAYPAL after unit INSTALLED! All Payments made AFTER UNIT IS INSTALLED AND WORKING. ONLY CALL WITH NEW PROSPECTS THAT ARE READY FOR NEW SERVICE! ALL YOUR QUESTIONS CAN BE ANSWERED ON WEB SITE SO PLEASE VISIT WWW.FREEATMNYC.COM BEFORE CALLING. All that is required of you is to ask any business if they would place A brand new ATM machine in their establishment? The ATM is absolutely FREE, The CASH is Provided at all times 24/7/365. If they say YES then simply make an appointment to meet at location. Make sure to get address and contact name. Then call it in and will get it done ASAP WE ARE LOOKING TO PLACE IN THESE AREAS.... ------->ALL THE 5 BOROUGHS OF NYC ------->LONG ISLAND ------->NEW JERSEY This will become your favorite Job simply because its so easy to get started. Just ask possible businesses if they want A Free ATM? If they say yes get the info to us And then we install and you get Paid! To submit Locations Tel 718-300-9166 from 7 days a week 9-11pm PLEASE VISIT THIS WEB SITE BEFORE YOU CALL IN. visit " visit " visit " visit " To Begin you simply need to SELF START. That means you start calling on ------->Bars ------->Pubs ------->Hotels {100 ROOMS +} ------->Diners ------->Lounges ------->Night Clubs ------->Strip Clubs $1k Guerenteed. -------------) BUSY GROCERY STORES AND ALOT OF FOOT TRAFFIC LOCATIONS WILL SEAL THE DEAL!

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