Extraordinary People Live Showcase! Best Performer may Win $1 000 just in time for the Holidays - (New York)

Posted on: 11/25/17


Happy Holidays! Welcome to the Extraordinary People Live Showcase I am pleased to have received your interest in performing at this showcase. Requirements 1) No Fees required. All performers who meet all requirements are welcome! 2) 21 and older only 3) All Music Genre’s 4) NYC Based Event. We will not transport or financially assist anyone to showcase. 5) If you have not done so already please send a video of your talent. It can be created by mobile device featuring you singing or a link of a pre-recorded video; I need evidence of talent 6) All performers must have a fanbase of a minimum following of no less than 15 music enthusiasts that support their music. 7) Please provide a description of what you need to perform such as number of microphones, if you’re performing with a band or to an instrumental track, etc. 8) Our showcases are broadcasted live via live stream so performers must have a minimum of no less than 15 fans attending to be eligible to perform the event to assure a robust and excited audience. Important: RSPV ONLY, No Refunds to Attendee, even if the Performer they’re supporting does not satisfy this minimum and isn’t allowed to perform, so, it is advised that Only talent that have a following should register and that Only talent who can confirm an Invite list of at least 15 attendees and coordinate them to the link below should register. a. RSVP ONLY - Each Attendee must advance purchase their ticket at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/extraordinary-people-live-showcase-series-tickets-40720396803 b. I will contact performer directly if tickets appear to be sold out and performer need additional attendees to reach their required 15 consumers to expand venue capacity limit c. Attendees who arrive at venue without advanced purchase ticket are welcome to attend at door rate but will not be counted towards any performer’s required minimum. I am excited to meet you. Hopefully this experience will be extraordinary for you! I have invited many record label executives, media, A&R’s, radio, bloggers, etc., although I cannot know who exactly will attend nor can I guarantee you will be discovered at my event or because anyone saw you online via live stream. However, I do encourage you to never give up and assure you that I understand who you are, and the only purpose of the Extraordinary People showcase is to help you possibly reach that opportunity you may not personally have access to! We can communicate by email if you need any other information. Best regards, Ernest

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