If Only A Gate Keeper Could Hear My Voice/Demo - (New York)

Posted on: 12/16/17


Today is your lucky day, if you believe in luck. I believe in determination, personally. However if you have a voice or demo that needs to be heard by a "gate keeper", i am that gate keep... Today, i have some yard work in the cold and i need some help. In exchange for you helping me cut a TARP in half (which should take all but about 25 minutes) I will listen to your Demo or Voice for equal the time. i.e. 25 minutes = 25 minutes. Music I get behind: Pop R&B Gospel Soft Rock Mainstream instructions: Send Picture & Link to vocal, or video or voice mail message... If you have nothing, nut certain you have the skill, leave a contact number along with your picture an i will respond in due coarse. Thank You.

Ad Number: 21090714