$1 000 2br 4805675657 - $1 (New York)

Posted on: 12/30/17



Let me paint a picture for you! Its New Year's Eve in the busiest city in the world and you and your friends family and loved ones are out having a good time. There is music lights and people everywhere! Most ppl are gridlocked once they get near time square! But you on the other have are free to explore the city and walk less then 1 block back to warmth and safety. Pre game for a bit or just relax with good music! Its New years Eve I time for celebration and reflection. Since watching the ball drop is less than one block away you can cut it as close as you want of hang out in the center of time square knowing that home is just 1 block away! When you and your friends and love experience the luxury that comes with staying in this wonderfully located 2 bed room apartment. You'll be glad you did. Please contact me by phone. And let me know in detail what your accommodation needs are and I will be happy to set you up with a place to stay for the Holidays! The price is negotiable~ asking price is 1500$ The apartment is located on 47th and 8th Avenue. You are welcome to view the apartment. And look forward to having a great time

Ad Number: 21214662