Easy Cash - (Jamaica)

Posted on: 02/02/18


My name is Alex from 1800BuyMyHome. I have a position available in my company. Get paid $300-$2000 - Drive around doing exactly what you're doing now. No experience necessary. Here's how it works: Step 1: We put an advertisement decal on your back window or tailgate like the picture shown. Step 2: You drive AS USUAL. You don't pick up calls, you don't have to sell anything. Step 3: If a client calls the number on your window and dials YOUR UNIQUE extension number, the lead will be carefully tracked and credited to you. Step 4: If we close on the deal, you will receive 10% of the NET PROFIT. (Ex. I buy the house for 50K. I sell for 60K. The NET PROFIT is 10K and you will receive 10% of that = $1000!) And you didn't have to do a thing! There is no money out of pocket. It's a WIN WIN for both of us! Call NOW!!!

Ad Number: 21486236