Best vinyl plank flooring - cork flooring PVC and phthalates free - (Brooklyn)

Posted on: 02/23/18



If you wish to work with a very "tough" finish of cork flooring, the Fusion Cork floors are very popular. This is a vinyl-like product with a super tough finish (polypropylene) that is PVC and phthalates free. New technology, better performance, cork vinyl flooring plans go from good to best. Tel: 253-872-5503, 206-501-2231, Toll Free: 1-888-988-2675, 1-877-998-1198, Vinyl Cork Flooring or Fusion is the newest line of cork floors. And is possibly be the best vinyl plank flooring on the market today. By means of high performance technology, each of these vinyl planks have a coating applied that provides excellent durability and superior resistance in both domestic and commercial use. With a layer of cork as the integral underlayment to reduce noise and thermal transfer, this new technology has turned the cork flooring market on its head. The finish is as tough as the stone...but it is a vinyl-like product on top (polypropylene finish = same plastic that children’s toys are made of). You can view all of our cork floors on our sales website:

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